<![CDATA[Hotel The Champs - Top Bargain Hotel in Dominica - The Bits & Pieces Blog]]>Fri, 12 Feb 2016 22:06:13 -0400Weebly<![CDATA[JC Ocean Dive Center Adventures]]>Thu, 06 Aug 2015 08:47:57 GMThttp://www.thechampsdm.com/the-bits--pieces-blog/jc-ocean-dive-center-adventuresThe best place in Dominica to have all your great diving experiences, and expedition is at JC Ocean Dive Center. They cater for everyone, even if you're not a certified Diver. Get to know Cindy and George in a split second. Very friendly folks with a down to earth attitude.
Diving is an enjoyment at JC Ocean Dive Center and you will enjoy it because you will be made very comfortable by the owners and the warm caribbean sea. The under water world is a whole new, overly attractive zone much more beautiful than what we see on a daily basis. You will  be shocked as to things that can be found and seen there.
Ensure that you travel with an under water camera, so you can take pic. Get to have a great diving experience even it is your first time or not. Book your caribbean sea dive today and come enjoy some of the most beautiful breath taking under water dive sites in the world.
<![CDATA[Chaudiere Pool - all natural, cool and soothing]]>Thu, 02 Jul 2015 23:19:03 GMThttp://www.thechampsdm.com/the-bits--pieces-blog/chaudiere-pool-all-natural-cool-and-soothingLa Chaudiere, which means 'the cooking pot'  got its name due to its formation. It is formed through the cascading water flowing between high rocks on either side into a foaming pool below. Please don't forget to carry your cameras and phones for photos of this place. It is really a scenic, once in a lifetime activity.
Get the chance to see lots of different trees, shrubs and herbs on your way down to the pool. Be one of the few lucky people to come across the islands National Bird - flying quite low, showing off its plump look and  brightly colored feathers. Upon arrival at the natural pool, you will realized how the swift flowing clear water cascades over the untouched rock, into the foamy pool below.
 Some of the stones near the side of the pool provides good seats and footholds for those who visit and want to relax. Lay on your back and float around in the pool and just look at the streaks of sun light sipping through the leaves of the trees above. It feels heavenly - but this is Dominica
<![CDATA[Touring the Twin Mountains of Cabrits National Park]]>Wed, 01 Jul 2015 22:55:17 GMThttp://www.thechampsdm.com/the-bits--pieces-blog/touring-the-twin-mountains-of-cabrits-national-park This tour is a very interesting experience for all visitors of the island as it has been named as one of Dominica's most important Historic sites. Its nothing to rush about because Hotel The Champs is only a 15 minute ride from the Cabrits National Park. Shuttle service is provided by the Hotel  to and from this place. Our driver will take you to the bottom of the mountain. There is a narrow winding brick road leading up the mountain with some giant trees on either side  and long thick vines hanging from the trees. The brick style road looks very ancient and will take you to a small opening between two huge walls, which marks the official beginning of your tour of the National Park.

You can feel free to walk in the shadow of the trees or sit and take a relax if you want to.  If you are interested to see more, follow the brick road straight ahead and go through the second set of brick walls which will take you in the midst of a few stone buildings. This place is usually quiet and is a safe haven for our non poisonous snakes and birds. If you are lucky you may come across of few of the animals mentioned above.
When you venture through this wall, you can either continue going up or take the first left turn that you will see. This left turn will give you a magnificent view of the town of Portsmouth, the entire bay and the cannon guns on display. This spot provided the perfect view for the English fighters back in the 1700's against the neighboring french fighters.
If you would not take the first road to your left and you would go straight ahead then you would find yourself on a large flat area, higher than the previously visited. There is a large stone Classic Georgian  building which was used as the Officers quarters back in the days.
If you are lucky then you will have some fresh fruits from the trees around this building. You can walk toward the other side of this building and look on the far end to see if you can spot Hotel The Champs. Be adventurous , Feel free now to walk around and if you're up to it you can even hike up further onto the mountains. Get a better view of Portsmouth and the TaneTane area which is situated on the other side of the mountain.
When you are done with your adventurous hike of The Cabrits National Park, feel free to give us a call from the cell phone that we have provided you with. We will send our shuttle service to come pick you up :)
<![CDATA[Antrim Sculpture Garden]]>Sat, 09 May 2015 20:59:42 GMThttp://www.thechampsdm.com/the-bits--pieces-blog/antrim-sculpture-gardenThe Antrim Valley Sculpture Studio and Art Gallery is currently staging an exhibition of over 150 paintings and sculptures that celebrates Roger Burnett’s fifty years of capturing Caribbean people and places. For more information on the date and time of the event,  email sculptor@cwdom.dm or call 2255470.
Over the years people have been using ordinary things around us to create very unusual hand work, but he seems to be the most extra ordinary of all these people. His work has a special touch and this makes it different from everyone else. In this post you will find interesting examples of sculptures and the artist behind them. Robert Burnett is a sculptor and his unique way of presenting art in numerous forms has earned him quite a lot of clientele. 
Robert Burnett is a self taught sculpture artist who emerged in Dominica in the late 1970's. He adores the beauty of his finished product. Its very interesting how much the imagination and creativity of this man evolve to create beautiful new art forms, some of which may be a little bit strange but still very interesting. In this studio one can view work in progress from the initial clay model to the final bronze cast.
It is very exciting for Robert as an artist to see his work grow and unfold in ways beyond his imagination. His finished work brings a completely different set of skills to the table and has not been changed from the time of Micheal Angelo. Burnett would like to know what people feel about his sculpture work.
As a water-colourist Burnett also has some very sophisticated paintings of Dominica and the Caribbean after sailing these places for over forty years.

Antrim Valley is located  on the verge of the rain forest, where a large number of flora and fauna can be found. A large variety of fruits and ground crops are also cultivated on site.
This  Sculptor Garden tour will be one of your most comfortable, calming and soothing tours. It puts you at ease and  you just keep wondering what's next. This tour can be done by persons of any age. Set the date and we at The Champs will do the rest for you. We know how to entertain our guests.
<![CDATA[The Champs Hotel Receives Booking.com Excellence Award]]>Wed, 06 May 2015 23:15:39 GMThttp://www.thechampsdm.com/the-bits--pieces-blog/the-champs-hotel-receives-bookingcom-excellence-awardHotel The Champs in Picard Portsmouth is one of the winners of the Award of Excellence presented by worldwide booking site Booking.com for achieving 9.1 average review score for 2014.
For the very first time, Hotel The Champs has won the Award of Excellence from Booking.com. Owners Lise & Hans were very keen on having a high quality Hotel, 7 years ago when they came to the island of Dominica. Today, they are more than happy that they did for many reasons.
The Champs Hotel would like to present to you its new Award of Excellence 2014 from Booking.com. This annual award is given to properties receiving the highest and best reviews. Every year Booking.com celebrates the outstanding work of individuals who demonstrate commitment to their work, honoring them with this award.

Management and staff of The Champs would like to thank their reviewers upon receiving this award, because they could not have done it all by themselves.  “Treating our guests to the best view, best island tours, best bargains and so much more has been a delight” says Lise van de Kamp, “Staying with us gives you the feeling of staying atop of the world.
Dominica is a very beautiful island to visit, and we try our best to let our hotel, personal service and ambiance stand out even more in this nature paradise.
Our creation of a dreamy small hotel, commenced when we came to Dominica a few years ago, while things are still ongoing to ensure the best quality of everything for our guests. As proprietors of this establishment we are proud to know the effects that our service has on our guests.
Saying thank you may not be enough, and giving back to our visitors means a lot to us. So to celebrate this new award, we are giving some great bargains.
A very attractive discount for any guest who spends 3 or more nights with us between May 16 to August 19
A 2-Night StayCation for Dominicans  (or CaribCation for Caricom ) with a free Indian River Tour included at an ubeatable summer price.
We would love to have you all stay with us, to treat you to the warm, pampering and luxurious service that you deserve.
<![CDATA[My Personal Experience Canyoning in Dominica]]>Wed, 25 Mar 2015 03:20:01 GMThttp://www.thechampsdm.com/the-bits--pieces-blog/my-personal-experience-canyoning-in-dominica
No rush on the Saturday morning for our crew of four. Our Team consisted of Taki from Vancouver, Maria from Florida, Melina from Oregon and Hans from The Champs. Ages ranging from under 30 to 60 years. We were told that we had to be in Roseau Valley at 9:45 am, which is an hour drive from Picard, Portsmouth. It is a very interesting drive from North to South, especially with informative Hans from The Champs being our guide.
Upon our arrival into the cool, quietness of Trafalgar, we were given our wetsuits, life jackets and helmets which were all included in the price that we paid for the adventure. A 15 minute training was started before we went on our real drill.  We were then transported in the "Cadillac" of Extreme Dominica to our starting point by Richard, the owner of the canyoning business, and his very experienced team.
We drove to the heights of  Laudat to the beginning of the Gorge, where soon enough we had to do our first descend.  It was exciting and a bit scary, but the staff members made us feel totally safe. The first descend was a 30 foot drop. At the bottom of that first drop we had a nice surprise at a dead end where we had to jump from a natural 3 ft step, into the water and swim to the next dry spot. The water was very cold but it felt good after the hike to this part of our journey. The surrounding there was quite damp and fresh with a feel of adventure. 
It was not only clambering, but swimming and hiking as well. Upon our arrival at our next phase, we had a great rappelling down into the gorge, which we did did four or five different times in different phases of our adventure. It was extremely exciting as we went deeper and deeper into the canyons, loosing the site of the sun, on  a bright sunny day at almost midday. There are parts of this place that has never seen the sun. It was just peaceful and quite in there with only the flow of water and our group being a bit noisy.
After taking a quick dip in the river, we then hiked back to our waiting Cadillac,  which brought us back to the Extreme Dominica's Main House. There, Liz the owner's wife treated us to local cocoa tea and fruit cake. The cocoa was all naturally made by Liz herself.  We bought some of varieties of chocolate and got ourselves dried for our journey back to The Champs.
It was a great Champs experience and one of the best things you must do in Dominica.
This is a great adventure that you wont get to see in any other way. It is a must do. The Extreme Dominica Staff is very skillful in helping you relax and feel comfortable.
<![CDATA[Enjoy canyoning in Dominica]]>Sun, 22 Mar 2015 03:07:51 GMThttp://www.thechampsdm.com/the-bits--pieces-blog/enjoy-canyoning-in-dominicaLet The Champs help you with the best vacation ever in Dominica.
A very special sporting activity is available in Dominica: Canyoning is an amusing, energetic and unique way to discover the artistry of nature; normally hidden from the casual glance of the naked eye.

Dominica's Canyoning Expert is in the Trafalgar area, the doorway to narrow gorges in an unspoiled natural surrounding.
Let The Champs guide you to this great experience of non-stop fun.

With suitable equipment and a certified instructors you can experience Canyoning safely in Dominica. Start your day The Champs' way with our extensive breakfast and then with our transport from Picard to the Roseau Valley. 

Enjoy Canyoning with The Champs, one of the Best Hotels in Dominica.
How deep is the canyon is hidden under these plants?
On your arrival there, you will be provided with your wet suit, equipment and a short training course on canyoning. 
Get suited up and expect to get wet, because you will be canyoning in the middle of the forest, sliding through narrow channels, and into crystal clear pools, secured with protective gears. One of the many exciting ways to help you unwind and have adrenaline pumping through your veins at 100 miles per hour. :-) 
Ensure that you own a pair of shoes will secure your toes and walk with a water proof camera and swimwear. 
Your activity of this day doesn't have be limited to just a  canyoning adventure of about 2-3 hours. With us there are more options to choose from such as hiking the area, swimming in Trafalgar Falls, or a natural hot sulphur spa.
After your adventure with the Extreme Dominica is finished, we will provide transportation for your return to the hotel  with is bubbling hot jacuzzi and sunset leisure area.
Just one of The Champs' many active ways of helping you to enjoy your vacation in Dominica.
Continue reading the personal Canyoning experience of Champs co-owner Hans...
<![CDATA[The Rainforest Experience]]>Sat, 28 Feb 2015 04:07:29 GMThttp://www.thechampsdm.com/the-bits--pieces-blog/the-rainforest-experienceWhile staying at a seaside hotel, The Champs offers you a day-tour to fully experience the Dominican rainforest.
After our famous breakfast we'll take you to the middle of the island to the amazing tropical garden of the Papillote Wilderness Retreat. 

You will enjoy a guided garden tour, a delicious local lunch, have time to relax in the natural hot pools and visit the popular Trafalgar Falls after the cruiseship tourists have left. Additional options are available. Keep reading...

A Day in the Rainforest

It's a must do before you leave Dominica. Miss this experience and blame yourself. Take a full day tour and get to enjoy yourself to the max. Take loads of photos and get to feel the unspoiled rainforest. After visiting Papillote you will want to return over and over again.
Start your day tour to Papillote with our extensive breakfast and a relaxed tour across the island to Trafalgar into the Roseau Valley, where you will have the chance to visit the twin waterfalls of Trafalgar. 
This green forage and rushing water draws attention to people far and wide everyday.
Sit quietly as hummingbirds flash by guarding their ginger plantations and hawks and herons glide across the sky to the mountains beyond
A specialized package of pure relaxation, pampering and comfort awaits you with The Rainforest Experience. 
20,000 shades of green among  the towering trees in the woodlands of Trafalgar; creatively designed by the forces of Mother Nature.
Then enjoy the options of soaking in a natural Hot Pool or refreshing in a cold waterfall - or both; Papillote has it all. 
Visit the surroundings where you will notice steam coming from the earths surface due to volcanic activity. It is always good to be able to treat yourself to something as special as this luxurious Rainforest Experience. Relax with us, the hot and cold pools will help you unwind. Bathe against the majestic
Get to discover the 14 acreage of wonderful attraction, with a guided tour of the Papillote Tropical Botanical Garden; a perfect place cut off from all the noise and pollution. Flowering jade vines of unbelievable colors. Geckos and other creatures live contentedly with 30 kinds of bird and 19 species of butterfly. A tasteful local Dominican lunch is provided after admiring the widest variety
backdrop of a famed waterfall.
of plants and trees in the Eastern Caribbean. Get a chance to sample flying fish steamed in a banana leaf. Sip delicious fresh brewed Dominican coffee or herbal teas  while you gaze down upon the beautiful Roseau River Valley which stretches down to the sea.
Additional Options
Hotels in Dominica Presents Martha Cuffy - the masseuse of our Rain Forest Experience
Ready to make the very most of your revitalizing Rainforest Experience?
Let us give you the chance to forget your worries and welcome you to a new healthful, spiritual healing. Get to feeling fully balanced from inside with the island's best wellness therapist Martha Cuffy.  Experience a different type of treatment by Martha totally forgetting your stressful city live while in the middle of the forest at the foot of a waterfall. 
These 1.5 to 2 hour specials must be reserved in advance at The Champs. 

Get to walk through the Rain Forest with Hotels in Dominica
Spend a Night in the Jungle
A 1000 feet up in the dense and damp rainforest. Louvre windows, no air-co, no TV, very little internet but surrounded by friendly and professional staff. Hear the nightly sounds of the forest, have your private sulphur pool, watch the morning light finding its way through the foliage.
When booking your stay at Hotel The Champs, contact us and we can make special arrangements for you. 

<![CDATA[One Night at Papillote Wilderness Retreat]]>Tue, 24 Feb 2015 04:19:34 GMThttp://www.thechampsdm.com/the-bits--pieces-blog/one-night-at-papillote-wilderness-retreat
- A Personal Jungle Experience of Lise & Hans - 
We never expected to sleep in the middle of the jungle and have so much fun. On arrival at Papillote, Anne (owner) gave us room 12 for the night which the retreat's best room. She knew what she was talking about. The room was very large with a four poster bed and the best thing is that we had our own natural Hot Sulphur Pool at doorstep of our room. There is nothing better than this! The jungle evening was chilly and damp so we could almost spend the night soaking in the in-room hot pool.
A garden walk through from Hotels in Dominica
Image of two hand made swans in the middle of the jungle
This is the view that we had when we woke up in the morning. It was nice and fresh and it felt good to be away from our daily hustle. 
Papillote is a great place to relax and unwind without any thought of disturbance. The two private hot-pools are being filled up through hot water coming from the mouth of a fish heated by volcanic activity going on in the area. The bathroom shower flowed also natural hot water from the sulphur springs around.
We went out for a morning walk and heard a strange quacking sound only to see that there were a few wild ducks there having their own conversation with a strange bird perched on a tree beside the road.
The gardens of Papillote have been re-established after Hurricane David 1979 had demolished the entire 14 acre grounds. There's lots to see in this place, from different birds to an impressive botanical collection.
For the Bird Watchers, Botanists and Nature Lovers, this is the perfect place for you. It's in the middle of the jungle where you can't miss out on the things that you love. Ensure that you travel with your camera, a small umbrella, insect repellant and hiking shoes.
So when you stay at The Champs, pack up your back-pack and we will take you to the hot pools. Hiking in the jungle and even a massage right then and there ! Bring along your family for a reunion or your fiance just for a romantic time there. Its a different type of vacation but its one that you don't want to miss.

<![CDATA[First Visitor of Hotel The Champs Returns - After 5 Years]]>Wed, 03 Sep 2014 23:39:19 GMThttp://www.thechampsdm.com/the-bits--pieces-blog/first-visitor-of-hotel-the-champs-returns-after-5-yearsIt is an unusual gesture that a guest who stayed at a Hotel five years ago would be longing to go back to that same hotel.  It is however, not unusual for Hotel The Champs who has the charms and knows how to keep their guests coming back for more. Great pampering treatment, its excellent view, good food, friendly host and the good words never stops.
This guest is a famous blogger who wrote about our small magnificent Hotel, comparing everything about it to five years ago. She was very elated to see its growth and performance over the years. She thinks that her weekend spent at The Champs Hotel was well spent and promises to come back again - for the good old pampering.
In her blog, this guest wrote a long story on her birthday weekend at Hotel The Champs. Read this blog named Ti Dominik Tales and get a feel to her time spent.
As a treat for my recent birthday, I decided to spend a weekend “up north” in Dominica.  It had been some time since I had enjoyed the area around Portsmouth and Calibishie,  with its dramatic and varied topography, as well as prominent historic sites and natural attractions. Although I had only recently returned from Canada, this little adventure was most affordable, due to an on-island promotion called a ‘Staycation’.  This initiative is the brainchild of the Discover Dominica Authority, and a number of tourism partners are participating  by offering  
Nature Islanders reduced rates at certain accommodations and activities during the summer months.  Amazingly,  Dominica is very different from one locale to the next, and a Staycation offers residents opportunities to appreciate various parts of their beautiful country and save money by staying home for a holiday! READ MORE